Shoparoo // Help your school earn money from places you already shop!

Have you heard of Shoparoo? No?! Well now you have!

Head to the app store to download the app, search for Blaney Elementary and help us get earning.

Here is some info taken directly from

Shoparoo is the most hassle-free school fundraiser around. Forget cutting labels or selling door to door to raise money for schools. Shoparoo is a free app for iOS and Android phones that allows anyone to take pictures of their shopping receipts and earn cash donations for their schools!

Just snap a picture of your grocery receipt on your smartphone, and voila, you’ve made an instant cash donation! You can also take pictures of your non-grocery receipts (from clothing stores, electronics stores, restaurants, home improvement stores, etc.) for entries into Shoparoo’s cash donation sweepstakes that can reward a school up to $15,000! Parents, teachers and other supporters love Shoparoo because:

  • No official registration or school coordination is required
  • Parents are not forced to buy what they wouldn’t normally buy
  • The app makes earning money extremely quick and easy
  • Grade competitions make fundraising fun for students and parents

Tens of thousands of schools across the country are using Shoparoo to pay for new supplies, classroom and playground enhancements, field trips, tuition assistance and much more.


How much money can be raised with Shoparoo?

There is no limit to how much a school can raise with Shoparoo! The top earning schools last year earned thousands of dollars, just by encouraging everyone to take pictures of the day to day shopping receipts!

The more supporters you have at your school, the more you’ll earn. That’s why schools who had someone to lead the way and spread the word to the community saw these efforts reflected in their fundraising check from Shoparoo at the end of the school year. A school with roughly 50 active participants raise ~$1000 each year through Shoparoo!

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